Princess House Crystal

Princess House Crystal

Princess House Crystal sets the mood of elegance for a beautiful table for any Occasion. Whether an Elegant Dinner with class, Ladies Luncheon, or a nice Family Dinner.  Princess House Crystal sets the mood for a delicious meal.

The beautiful blown Heritage Pattern.  So delicately etched into the crystal glass There is the elegant stemware such as the Ice Tea glasses, the Wine Goblets, Water Goblets, or maybe the Margaretta Goblets.  Any would set the mood for a lovely table.

Lovely for any formal romantic dinner.  Or maybe a small family dinner.  Serving In the Princess House Crystal glassware sets the mood for elegance.

Serving a beverage in the elegant hand blown pitcher with its handle is a nice conversational piece in itself. So beautiful with its special etchings into the glass.

Then for a hot beverage with dessert there is the stemware mugs.  There are the 10oz. and 12oz.mugs.  Making your tea or coffee so delicious.

Or maybe just relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee with your morning paper.  It just Seems to taste better with Princess House Crystal.

There are also many different serving dishes as well.  The Ice Bucket makes a nice Serving bowl for many different items.  Vegetables, Salads, Desserts and etc as well As making a nice ice bucket.  I suggest having several of these versatile (bowls) or Ice Buckets.

What ever the occasion it just seems to add flavor and class with Princess House Crystal.

Don’t put away your beautiful Princess House Crystal.  Let your family enjoy the Wonder of a beautiful table.  They will learn to appreciate the joy of elegance in Eating.

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